Cindy Rodríguez

Rodríguez is a former columnist for the Denver Post and a reporter for the Boston Globe and the Detroit News. She teaches journalism at New York University and is completing her master’s at Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism. She is a past vice president (print) of the Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Articles by this author

John McClelland / Photo: Eric Weeks
Summer 2010 From Boots to Books

In Columbia classrooms, the ranks of veterans are growing.

Herb Terrace
Fall 2009 Hanging from the Language Tree

Famous for trying to teach a chimp to speak, psychology professor Herb Terrace is now studying how monkeys think.

Dr. Oz Illustration by Mark Steele
Winter 2009-10 That’s Healthfotainment!

We visit the set of The Dr. Oz Show, starring Mehmet Oz, professor of surgery at Columbia.

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