Douglas Quenqua

Douglas Quenqua is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Wired, the New York Observer, Redbook, and Fortune.

Articles by this author

Fickle Fortunes
Summer 2014 Fickle Fortunes

Columbia researchers are dispelling myths about an elusive, widespread social condition: urban poverty.

Drone Onward
Winter 2013-14 Drone Onward

The drone will see you now

Global Warnings
Fall 2013 Global Warnings

Carbon nations

The Carbon Eaters
Fall 2013 The Carbon Eaters

The climate crisis has put humanity between a rock and a hard place. And that's exactly where Peter Kelemen hopes to find a solution.

A Shot in the Light
Spring 2013 A Shot in the Light

Columbia researchers help send a telescope skyward to glimpse the oldest, most distant thing imaginable: light from the Big Bang.

Inherit the Wind (and Rain)
Winter 2012-13 Inherit the Wind (and Rain)

Speakers discuss planet fitness at the 2012 State of the Planet Conference.

Stormy Someday
Fall 2012 Stormy Someday

The long, long, long-range forecast

Known Unknowns
Spring 2012 Known Unknowns

Getting an “A” in ignorance

Winter 2011-12 The Long Shot

If scientists expect to cure cancer they need to take bigger risks, says Columbia biochemist Brent Stockwell.

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