Joshua J. Friedman ’08JRN

Joshua J. Friedman ’08JRN, a former editor at the Atlantic and Boston Review, is a writer in New York City. He is the copy chief of Columbia Magazine.

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Fall 2017 Benchmarks

As Neil Gorsuch ’88CC begins his first full term on the US Supreme Court, there’s no better time to test your knowledge of the court’s other Columbians. Can you pass the bar?

Dissent and the Supreme Court: Its Role in the Court’s History and the Nation’s
Winter 2015-16 "Dissent and the Supreme Court: Its Role in the Court’s History and the Nation’s Constitutional Dialogue"

Joshua J. Friedman'08JRN reviews “Dissent and the Supreme Court" by Melvin I. Urofsky.

Full Mental Jacket
Fall 2014 Full Mental Jacket

Joshua J. Friedman reviews "Cover" and "What We See When We Read" by Peter Mendelsund.

Winter 2013-14 Depth in Venice

Joshua Friedman reviews “Sarah Sze: Triple Point” by Sarah Sze

Fall 2013 Politickles

Joshua J. Friedman reviews “The Art of Controversy: Political Cartoons and Their Enduring Power” by Victor S. Navasky

Petrochemical America
Spring 2013 A Terrible Beauty

Joshua J. Friedman reviews “Petrochemical America”, a collaboration between artist Richard Misrach and landscape architect Kate Orff

Signs of the Times
Winter 2012-13 Signs of the Times

Joshua J. Friedman reviews “New York Neon” by Thomas E. Rinaldi

BOOKTALK:  Cinema Purgatorio
Fall 2012 BOOKTALK: Cinema Purgatorio

Joshua J. Friedman interviews David Denby, author of “Do the Movies Have a Future?”

It’s Easy If You Try
Summer 2012 It’s Easy If You Try

Joshua J. Friedman reviews “Imagine: How Creativity Works” by Jonah Lehrer

Wheel in the Sky
Summer 2012 Wheel in the Sky

Joshua J. Friedman reviews “The Roebling Legacy” by Clifford W. Zink

Winter 2011-12 The Commuting Type

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