Paul Hond

Hond joined Columbia Magazine in 2005, and became senior writer in 2007. He has published two novels and won several CASE awards for his magazine articles.

Articles by this author

Better Read Than Dead
Spring 2017 Better Read Than Dead

MFA grads meet up for an exchange of words.

History's Burden
Spring 2017 History's Burden

Taking a close look at Columbia's links to slavery.

Old King Coal
Spring 2017 Old King Coal

Digging for answers about the future of fossil fuels.

Speaking Up
Spring 2017 Speaking Up

New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito ’91CC made history by becoming the first Latina elected to citywide office. Now, in her final year as Speaker, history has taken a turn.

Being There
Winter 2016 Being There

In more ways than one, Columbia professor Sarah Sze is the artist of the moment.

Winter 2016 Bittersweet

Two scholars of Harlem take in the view from Sugar Hill.

Syncopated Sisters
Winter 2016 Syncopated Sisters

Tap-dance entrepreneurs Chloe and Maud Arnold are ready to click with a new generation - and heal the world through rhythm and shoes.

The Manahata Project
Winter 2016 The Manahata Project

Honoring the island's first inhabitants.

Bridges to Cuba
Fall 2016 Bridges to Cuba

Will the quiet power of cultural diplomacy change a nation?

Dr. Doodle
Fall 2016 Dr. Doodle

A cartoonist draws from his experience.

Rights of Passage
Fall 2016 Rights of Passage

A scholar of immigration looks at some borderline claims.

Old Friends
Summer 2016 Old Friends

The return of Sanford Greenberg and Art Garfunkel.

Regarding Henry
Summer 2016 Regarding Henry

Colm Tóibín reflects on a master’s voice.

The Revenge of Jenji Kohan
Summer 2016 The Revenge of Jenji Kohan

Smart. Funny. Obsessive. Subversive. How the creator of the hit TV shows Weeds and Orange Is the New Black smoked the doubters and got the last laugh.

Spring 2016 "The Wire" Goes Ivy

On a recent Saturday, actor Jamie Hector was in a trailer classroom behind Medgar Evers College in Crown Heights, helping kids.

Spring 2016 Extreme Engineering

The career of an astronaut comes with high highs and low lows

Spring 2016 Launch Code

Astronaut Tim Kopra ’13BUS circles the planet sixteen times a day. What on Earth propels him?

Spring 2016 Strong Opinions

Students have published more than a hundred op-eds, in places like the New York Daily News, the Baltimore Sun, USA Today.

Podcast Kickoff
Winter 2015-16 Podcast Kickoff

Might there be a story in Columbia football?

The Double-Edged Helix
Winter 2015-16 The Double-Edged Helix

To write about DNA ancestry testing, sociology professor Alondra Nelson immersed herself in the world of African-American genealogy. The story went deeper than she had imagined.

The Laws of Subduction
Winter 2015-16 The Laws of Subduction

The Marcus G. Langseth sails the Mediterranean gathering seismic data under the ocean.

Twists and Turns
Winter 2015-16 Twists and Turns

Curl rests on the grassy plot in front of Uris Hall.

Liquid Assets
Fall 2015 Liquid Assets

As the California drought brings home the global problem of water scarcity, Columbia engineers are advancing a challenging idea: reusing our wastewater. Are we ready to go with the flow?

Paint by Numbers
Fall 2015 Paint by Numbers

The Gotham Arts Salon: artistic and musical gatherings that blur the line between private and public.

Producer's Chair
Fall 2015 Producer's Chair

The 28th Columbia University Film Festival (CUFF) exemplified the school’s abiding emphasis: storytelling.

Why Not Say What Happened: A Sentimental Education
Spring 2015 BOOKTALK: Notes of a Literary Partisan

Paul Hond interviews Morris Dickstein, author of “Why Not Say What Happened: A Sentimental Education”

Capturing the Emperor
Spring 2015 Capturing the Emperor

The duke of all documentarians.

The Hippocratic Overture
Spring 2015 The Hippocratic Overture

In the operating theater and the concert hall, students at the College of Physicians and Surgeons are learning their parts and picking up their instruments. Columbia Magazine scans the music scene uptown.

 An Unusual Virus
Winter 2014-15 An Unusual Virus

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