Paul Hond

Hond joined Columbia Magazine in 2005, and became senior writer in 2007. He has published two novels and won several CASE awards for his magazine articles.

Articles by this author

The Tender
Summer 2013 The Tender

The steam engine that could

Driving Mr. Wright
Spring 2013 Driving Mr. Wright

Mr. Wright goes to Avery

Justice's Son
Spring 2013 Justice's Son

The NAACP's Benjamin Jealous has become one of America's most forceful and influential progressive voices. So what does he want? (And when does he want it?)

The Pickup Artists
Spring 2013 The Pickup Artists

Did you thank a sanitation worker today? Anthropologist and garbologist Robin Nagle opens our eyes to what she calls “the most important uniformed force on the street.”

Sandy’s Wake
Winter 2012-13 Sandy’s Wake

Columbia scientists predicted much of the damage inflicted on New York by Superstorm Sandy. Maybe it’s time to listen.

Freshman Orientation
Fall 2012 Freshman Orientation

For a raft of Columbia newcomers, it’s sink or swim

Tennessee Rose
Fall 2012 Tennessee Rose

Country-music artist Laura Cantrell is going back to the roots — her own.

The Gas Menagerie
Summer 2012 The Gas Menagerie

In his documentary Gasland, Josh Fox warns that the new wave of natural-gas extraction will have disastrous effects on our environment. Is he being too dramatic?

Spring 2012 Bookmakers

Book critics feel their oats

Dreaming American
Spring 2012 Dreaming American

In Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream, on exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, architects were asked to rethink the American suburbs in light of the foreclosure crisis.

The Elderberry Statement
Spring 2012 The Elderberry Statement

Paul Hond reviews “Diary of a Company Man: Losing a Job, Finding a Life” by James S. Kunen

Spring 2012 The Eyes of Gotham

Jen Chung and Jake Dobkin, the founders of the New York–centric blog “Gothamist,” have some news they’d like to share.

Winter 2011-12 Man from UNTUCKit
Photograph by Tanit Sakakini
Fall 2011 The Long Night

With her debut feature, The Whistleblower, director Larysa Kondracki '01GS has sparked a worldwide discussion on human trafficking.

Jeff Spear ’10CC and Daria Schneider ’10CC. / Photographs by Lois Greenfield
Summer 2011 Fencing With a Maestro

Legendary fencing coach Aladar Kogler teaches his students to play with sharp objects — their minds.

Malcolm X Collage, Manning Marable's Message for the World
Summer 2011 Manning Marable's Living Legacy

Manning Marable believed black history should be a means for knowing — and changing — the world. His new book on Malcolm X could do both.

Summer 2011 Sing, Lion, Sing

A new exhibition celebrates 140 years of singing groups at Columbia.

Tony Kushner illustration by Gary Kelley
Spring 2011 A Sentimental Education

The epic dialectic of playwright and political activist Tony Kushner

Columbia University: 100 Years of Collecting exhibition
Winter 2010-11 College Intrigues

Beginning in February, Butler Library will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the University Archives with a yearlong Columbia University: 100 Years of Collecting exhibition.

Arlene Shuler and Alvin Ailey dancers / Photo: Lois Greenfield
Winter 2010-11 The Art of Pleasing

How Arlene Shuler ’77GS, ’78LAW, president and CEO of New York City Center, transformed herself — and the stage on which she once danced.

Shanghai Expression by Howard French
Winter 2010-11 The Power of Lingering

Journalist and photographer Howard French chooses his shots as carefully as he chooses his words.

James Franco as Allen Ginsberg. / Photo: Courtesy of Oscilloscope Laboratories
Fall 2010 Angelheaded Hipsters

In Howl, James Franco channels Allen Ginsberg ’48CC with such intelligence and care he makes us forget his own beauty, while revealing Ginsberg’s.

President John Adams / Illustration by Mark Steele
Fall 2010 Second to None

Inspired by David McCullough's biography, one alum revels in being John Adams.

Lt. Col. Jason Dempsey ’08GSAS / Photo: Katherine Lambert
Fall 2010 You and Whose Army?

Lt. Col. Jason Dempsey, a current White House Fellow, takes aim at some old myths about politics in the Army.

Summer 2010 All is Not Lost!

An exhibit at the Columbia Alumni Center shows us what was — and what could have been.

Neil deGrasse Tyson / Photo: Tanit Sakakini
Summer 2010 Musings of the Spheres

Does space exploration matter? Is there life on other planets? And what about Pluto? Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson '92GSAS tells us what's up.

World Cup Illustration
Summer 2010 Rules of the Game

Sunil Gulati ’86GSAS, president of the US Soccer Federation, gives his Principles of Economics class a golden goal.

The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson by Jerome Charyn
Spring 2010 BOOKTALK: A Rose for Emily

An interview with Jerome Charyn ’59CC, author of The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson: A Novel

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