Rebecca Shapiro

Rebecca Shapiro joined Columbia Magazine in 2011, after spending five years as an editor in the Random House Publishing Group. She has also worked as a high school writing instructor and college counselor, and has published over 300 articles and book reviews. She holds a B.A. in English from Brown University and an M.Ed in Higher Education from Harvard University.

Articles by this author

Food Fight
Spring 2018 Food Fight

Tableside at the Battle of the Dining Halls.

Super Freak
Spring 2018 Super Freak

Stephen Dubner ’90SOA, coauthor of the mega-popular Freakonomics books and host of two hit podcasts, wants to tell you a few things you don’t know.

The Big Idea: The Politics of Eating Well
Spring 2018 The Big Idea: The Politics Of Eating Well

A Q&A with Mark Bittman on the food system and how to fix it.

“Speak No Evil”
Spring 2018 “Speak No Evil”

Rebecca Shapiro reviews “Speak No Evil” by Uzodinma Iweala ’11PS.

“The King Is Always Above the People”
Winter 2017 “The King Is Always Above the People”

Rebecca Shapiro reviews “The King Is Always Above the People” by Daniel Alarcón ’99CC.

“What We Lose”
Fall 2017 “What We Lose”

Rebecca Shapiro reviews “What We Lose” by Zinzi Clemmons ’13SOA.

Reading List: New and noteworthy releases
Summer 2017 Reading List: New and noteworthy releases

“The Heirs”; “The Fact of a Body”; “Building the New American Economy”; “Governing Global Health”; “The Women in the Castle”; “Swell”

Summer 2017 Supper Club

New York Times food writer Melissa Clark '90BC, '94SOA invites everyone to the table.

“The Windfall”
Summer 2017 “The Windfall”

Rebecca Shapiro reviews “The Windfall” by Diksha Basu ’14SOA.

The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley
Spring 2017 “The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley”

Rebecca Shapiro reviews “The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley” by Hannah Tinti.

BOOKTALK: The Shock of the New
Winter 2016 BOOKTALK: The Shock of the New

Rebecca Shapiro interviews Graham Moore ’03CC, author of "Last Days of Night."

4 3 2 1
Winter 2016 “4 3 2 1”

Rebecca Shapiro reviews “4 3 2 1” by Paul Auster ’69CC, ’70GSAS.

The Bite Stuff
Fall 2016 The Bite Stuff

Five alumni startups that are disrupting the food industry.

“Behold the Dreamers”
Fall 2016 “Behold the Dreamers”

Rebecca Shapiro reviews “Behold the Dreamers” by Imbolo Mbue.

"The Girls"
Summer 2016 "The Girls"

Rebecca Shapiro reviews “The Girls” by Emma Cline.

Spring 2016 "Hotels of North America"

Rebecca Shapiro interviews Rick Moody, author of "Hotels of North America"

Spring 2016 BOOKTALK: The Art of the Meal

Rebecca Shapiro interviews Jacques Pepin, author of "The Art of the Meal"

Power for the People
Winter 2015-16 Power for the People

How one Columbia startup is helping low-income communities across New York generate a clean-energy revolution.

Bradstreet Gate
Fall 2015 "Bradstreet Gate"

Rebecca Shapiro reviews "Bradstreet Gate" by Robin Kirman.

In the Country
Fall 2015 "In the Country"

Rebecca Shapiro reviews "In the Country" by Mia Alvar.

Some Enchanted Evening
Spring 2015 Some Enchanted Evening

All that (Columbia) Jazz

Hissing Cousins
Spring 2015 “Hissing Cousins”

Rebecca Shapiro reviews “Hissing Cousins” by Marc Peyser and Timothy Dwyer

If the Oceans Were Ink
Spring 2015 “If the Oceans Were Ink”

RS reviews “If the Oceans Were Ink” by Carla Power

 Brighton Beach Bound
Winter 2014-15 Brighton Beach Bound

Rebecca Shapiro reviews "Panic in a Suitcase" by Yelena Akhtiorskaya.

A Man of Twists and Turns
Winter 2014-15 A Man of Twists and Turns

Artist Romare Bearden saw the African-American journey in Homer’s “Odyssey.” Professor Robert O’Meally takes us on a gallery tour.

The Culinary Imagination
Winter 2014-15 Stuffed

Rebecca Shapiro reviews "The Culinary Imagination" By Sandra M. Gilbert

The Late Starters Orchestra
Fall 2014 Second Movement

Rebecca Shapiro reviews "The Late Starters Orchestra" by Ari L. Goldman.

Start Me Up
Fall 2014 Start Me Up

The new Columbia Startup Lab in SoHo is open for business. We visit some young entrepreneurs to see what clicks.

The Confidence Code
Summer 2014 BOOKTALK: Yes She Can

Rebecca Shapiro interviews Claire Shipman, co-author of “The Confidence Code“

Unremarried Widow
Spring 2014 Spiral Life

Rebecca Shapiro reviews “Unremarried Widow” by Artis Henderson

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