Thomas Vinciguerra ’85CC, ’86JRN, ’90GSAS

Thomas Vinciguerra ’85CC, ’86JRN, ’90GSAS is a regular contributor to the New York Times and the editor of Backward Ran Sentences: The Best of Wolcott Gibbs from the New Yorker (Bloomsbury USA, 2011).

Articles by this author

Babylon Revisited
Winter 2017 Babylon Revisited

How a chunk of ancient math history got to Columbia.

A Provost’s Reflections
Fall 2017 A Provost’s Reflections

Reflections on former University provost, David B. Truman, whose career was upended by the turmoil of 1968.

The Education of Neil Gorsuch
Fall 2017 The Education of Neil Gorsuch

As a Columbia undergrad, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch '88CC learned how to argue his opinions.

Let’s Go Clubbing
Winter 2016 Let’s Go Clubbing

Activity-minded students indulge their special interests.

Hamilton is in the House
Winter 2015-16 Hamilton is in the House

Move over, Washington and Jefferson. Alexander Hamilton is the coolest Founding Father.

Treasure Quest
Fall 2015 Treasure Quest

Columbia’s bounty of hidden art is beginning to see the light of day.

 Cloak Room
Fall 2014 Cloak Room

Grab your coat and get your stethoscope.

An Improbable Life: My 60 Years at Columbia and Other Adventures
Spring 2014 BOOKTALK: Highs in Low

Thomas Vinciguerra interviews Michael I. Sovern, author of “An Improbable Life: My 60 Years at Columbia and Other Adventures”

Doctor! Doctor!
Winter 2013-14 Doctor! Doctor!

There have been several pairs of identical twins at Columbia who have continued to lead parallel lives as adults

Speech of Angels
Fall 2013 Speech of Angels

Chapel chamber music

Safe at Home
Summer 2013 Safe at Home

Falcone's stitches and seams

For Our Eyes Only
Spring 2013 For Our Eyes Only

Mr. Bond goes to Hollywood

March Madness
Winter 2012-13 March Madness

A scrambling marching band gets organized.

Space Avengers
Fall 2012 Space Avengers

Robots and saucers and Martians, oh my!

Dreams from My Mater
Summer 2012 Dreams from My Mater

Obama barnstorms through Barnard

Winter 2011-12 Smoking Rules

A new University policy could close the gates to smoking on campus.

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