The Short List

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Watch Talks@Columbia

Thanks to this series, lifelong learners can access online lectures by some of Columbia’s most distinguished faculty and researchers. The second season tackles climate change, bioethics, and genetics.

Photograph by Ales Veluscek / Getty Images

Join Alumni in Antarctica

Glaciers and icebergs and penguins . . . oh, my! Tap into your inner explorer and embark on a voyage to the southern continent. The Alumni Travel Study Program is now taking reservations for the January 21–February 3, 2017, trip.


Get a window into the mysteries of the mind and brain. This newsletter from Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute labs will keep you up to date on the latest neuroscience research.


Listen to The Low Down

Columbia alumni share their expertise and discuss hot-button issues in this weekly podcast.

Illustration by Ales Veluscek / Getty Images

Check Out Manhattanville: A New York Nexus

This new exhibit, open to the public and available online, charts the history of the neighborhood from 1890 to 1940, with a particular focus on the Sheffield Farms dairy and the community activists who played a leading role in the campaign to make milk safer.

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