This Job Has Your Name on It!

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Puzzle prodigy and New York Times constructor Finn Vigeland ’14CC finds some alternative alumni occupations. (Meet the man behind the grid in "Gridlocked".)

Download the blank puzzle and questions as a PDF you can print.

Download an image of the crossword answers.


1. With 123-Across, comedian who might have considered a career manufacturing chalkboards? (’04CC)
6. The iTunes Store made them obsolete
9. Some EPA targets
13. Tall tales
17. Night flight
18. Something drawn by bad artists?
19. “Yikes!”
20. Letter-shaped metal fastener
22. House leader who might have considered a career working in a synagogue? (’89GSAPP)
24. Manhattan politician who might have considered a career growing hops? (’97GS)
26. Surprise winner at the 2015 Grammys
27. Get into a lather?
29. Italia’s capital
30. Fox show starring Lea Michele
31. Mexican empire of old
33. Response provokers
35. Beseeches, as a god
37. Soundly defeated
39. One of a pocketful of flowers
41. Rain-___ (gum brand)
42. Grp. hosting a convention in Cleveland in 2016
45. Judo centers
46. Xerox CEO who might have considered a career as an arsonist? (’82SEAS)
51. “How exciting!”
52. “I’m listening”
53. The 1750s, for one
54. Fair-hiring inits.
55. Lyricist who might have considered a career as an oceanographer? (’57GSAS)
57. Tigers and Cubs org.
60. Express regret over
62. Dance-concert lights
63. They’re meant to be together
66. Zero
67. Bro’s relative
68. Pianist who might have considered a career as a lumberjack? (’08HON)
69. “It’s so cold”
70. Some movie theaters
72. Like Charles Darwin or Frank Lloyd Wright, religiously
73. Shared a Carman double (with)
76. Royals’ castle in Scotland
78. The Class of 2016, as of Sept. 2015
79. Statesman who might have considered a career as a bird watcher? (1764KC)
80. Mitt Romney’s alma mater, briefly
81. Page through, as a book in advance of the exam
84. 4’33” composer
85. First lady?
86. Urban planner who might have considered a career writing scripture? (1914GSAS)
89. Seraglio
90. Exchange “I do”s
91. Agcy. that gives med. research grants
92. Salt, to a chemist
93. Like some academic studies or cuisine
95. Gloria Estefan, by birth
99. Watercolor cousin
101. Helvetica cousin
105. Many a Literature Humanities text
106. Handy
108. Amphibious Kenneth Grahame character
110. Computer that once came in Bondi blue
111. Lost actor who might have considered a career as a hunter? (’89CC)
114. Academy Award–winning screenwriter who might have considered a career as a jeweler? (’41CC)
116. “No ___ Bob!”
117. Nonfictional
118. Lloyd’s rage-prone boss on Entourage
119. Intellectual poseurs
120. Horsed around?
121. Little bribes
122. Grp. that investigated 61-Down
123. See 1-Across


1. Spanish city for which sherry was named
2. Royal decree
3. Smooched
4. Home to Columbia U.
5. Affirmative votes
6. Footnote content
7. They don’t have appointments
8. Truth ___
9. Dog breed that Queen Victoria adored
10. Cyd of Silk Stockings
11. Fabric-less tie
12. Eldest Stooge brother
13. Stole stuff?
14. “Please! Have mercy!”
15. Participates in an athletic office retreat, maybe
16. Driving hazard
17. Titular country singer of a 2000s sitcom
21. Archaic Palm product
23. Surgical operation where you get a bill?
25. Island nation where Rihanna was born
28. __ platter (Polynesian fare)
32. Kooky old chaps
34. __ commander (Jon Snow, by season five of Game of Thrones)
36. Truman VP Barkley
38. Tyros, in Internet slang
40. Peninsula where the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs landed
42. “OMG so funny”
43. The Thin Man heroine
44. Intellectual afterschool activity
47. Paint base
48. Person who might have a bar mitzvah but not keep kosher
49. It’s a gas!
50. Feeling peeved
56. Rational belief in God
57. Castle protector
58. __ Lovegood, ethereal friend of Harry Potter
59. Obfuscates
61. Crooked gas company
63. Look favorably toward
64. Israel’s first female prime minister
65. “What a shame”
68. Send someone packing?
69. Czech region, or any artsy neighborhood
70. BLT, e.g.
71. BLT option
72. Bowling-ball material
73. Seth of Superbad
74. It hangs around the house
75. Changed the locks?
77. Utah’s Hatch
79. 2005 war film starring former Columbia College student Jake Gyllenhaal
82. All together
83. Art ___
84. Like Lil Wayne or Grace Kelly, religiously
87. Put into law
88. Urban-renewal target
89. Hefty measure of land
94. Ukrainian land annexed by Russia in 2014
95. Skirts’ outskirts
96. Weak poker hand
97. In ___ fertilization
98. Semiaquatic salamanders
100. Puccini pieces
102. What a poker player with 96-Down might declare
103. Biography network
104. Digital displays, for short
107. It raises one’s profile?
109. Bad signs for investors
112. TV’s ___ Haw
113. Crosses (out)
115. Digital communication, briefly?

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Very nice puzzle! About average for a Sunday, I'd say - not too hard, not too easy. And I did it on the day one of Finn's puzzles appeared in the Times. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I learned some things. Ial? Oh - I.A.L.
Howard Budin (CC '68)

We're so glad you enjoyed the puzzle! Thanks for supporting Columbia Magazine.

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