Getting the low-down on land grabs

A new initiative helps communities understand their legal rights when farmland is sold to multinational corporations.

The ultimate venom database

Animal venom has been a source of medicine for millennia.


The Columbia Vision Laboratory is at the forefront of a nascent field called computational photography.

In cooking their books, corporate accountants like a good recipe

Analysis shows that US companies are routinely mimicking the purported mistakes of their competitors.

Reduced snowfall could cause water shortages for 2 billion people

How will reduced snowfall levels affect global water supply?

A 17th-century “flap book” gets new life online

Columbia book conservators recently restored a seventeenth-century anatomical flap book.

Study Hall Research Briefs

Yoga: It’s Good for Your Bones; That's My Boy; The Pay Gap Is Totally Depressing; Eat Right, Sleep Tight; and more ...

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