To Capture A King: A Short Story


by Norbert Ehrenfreund Published Spring 2012
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She expected him to kiss her, but suddenly he dropped his arms and shook his head.

Don’t go, she said. The bride can wait. I never see you anymore. You come here. You play chess. Then you go. Now sit down. I’ll fix the eggs.

Please, he said. I can’t stay. He turned to leave.

She went up to him and placed his arms around her neck. She kissed him. He did not resist, but he did not respond either. His lips were closed.

Oh, she said. That is not the Tomayo who used to kiss me.

Again he drew back. I am going, he said.

You don’t love her. I can tell.

He opened the door. “Lo siento,” he said.

Ofelia stood at the door and watched him go. Go home, Tomayo. Go home to your little bride. Tell her you lost the game. Tell her you lost to a woman. Tell her, Tomayo.

Skinch was still sitting at the chess table. All the men were gone. Kevin went to her and sat in the chair. They sat for a while in silence, and then she held out her hand to him, and they went upstairs to the dark room with the narrow bed.

Norbert Ehrenfreund ’50GSAS is a retired judge. This is his first published fiction in more than fifty years.

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