Without Walls

A jaunt through the boundless visual worlds of six young, successful Columbia artists.

by David Shapiro '01CC Published Summer 2013
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Kevin Zucker

In the mid-nineties, when most of us were sending our first e-mails, Kevin Zucker ’02SOA, then an undergraduate at the Rhode Island School of Design, was finding a way to incorporate digital drawing into his painted canvases: “I thought the lousiness of that fit might make for something interesting,” he says. At Columbia, he practiced what would become his signature technique: creating and printing digital drawings, then transferring the ink from the prints onto acrylic-primed canvases. He continues to work in this vein in his Brooklyn studio, adapting with evolving technology.

Much of Zucker’s recent work makes use of the three-dimensional modeling program SketchUp. For one series, which was on view last year in a solo show at the Lower East Side gallery Eleven Rivington, Zucker generated digital representations of imagined vacation resorts in the rain. For another recent painting, Zucker based his forms on a mashup of Internet search results for the keywords “abstract sculpture,” and in Amalgamated Sculpture (2010), he created three-dimensional forms from a similar search.


Portrait by Jörg Meyer

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