Without Walls

A jaunt through the boundless visual worlds of six young, successful Columbia artists.

by David Shapiro '01CC Published Summer 2013
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Laleh Khorramian

"People want to see my work as Iranian,” says Laleh Khorramian ’04SOA, “but why don’t they ask what’s Floridian about it?” Khorramian was born in Tehran and raised in Orlando, a place she describes as quintessentially American, and her artwork — paintings, drawings, digital animations, and installations — fluidly draws images and ideas from both places and beyond. Her current fascination is science fiction.

Khorramian creates darkly surreal monotype prints, which she makes by painting in oil or ink on glass, then transferring the image to paper. She also uses these images as cells in digital animations, and has begun to take her mixed-media approach a step further, incorporating these animations into objects within larger installations. For example, she fit a screen playing an animation into a refrigerator as part of her 2013 solo project for Art Basel. The project follows a sci-fi narrative of a lieutenant in the future banished to a planet ravaged by chemical waste.

Portrait by Jörg Meyer

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