The Columbia Commitment: A New Kind of Campaign

by Sally Lee Published Summer 2017
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On May 11, Columbia University publicly launched an ambitious effort to raise funds and engage more alumni. We asked the campaign team to share five important facts about The Columbia Commitment.

We’re focusing on impact. There are more ways than ever to give to Columbia and make a difference. The new campaign will have an impact beyond our campuses by supporting Columbia faculty and students who, often by working with outside partners, are developing solutions to major world problems.


Our commitments are University-wide. Much of this impact-driven work is happening through our commitment to interdisciplinary research in certain leadership areas. These commitments currently include: Arts and Ideas, Climate Response, Data and Society, The Future of Neuroscience, Global Solutions, Just Societies, and Precision Medicine.


This campaign is for everyone. Along with “impact giving,” the University is amplifying efforts at every school to support the human talent that makes progress possible. Raising money for faculty and students, and being able to offer significant research funding and financial aid, are more important than ever. 


Columbia has real momentum. President Bollinger has said, “Columbia cannot rest.” There is too much to be done. This campaign is the most accelerated ever. It seeks to raise five billion dollars in five years, the most ambitious year-to-year goal in University history. 


We can all help. People can contribute at any level, with fifty dollars for a project or school fund of their choice, or with a multimillion-dollar endowment to support one of Columbia’s schools or institutes. From attending an event to sharing Columbia content on social media to telling your story on ColumbiaYou (you.columbia.edu), there are more ways than ever to join the dialogue and have an impact, not only at your school but also across the entire University.


Learn more at: commitment.columbia.edu.


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