Ready for Our Close-up

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The Morningside campus makes a cameo this winter in The Post, Steven Spielberg’s drama about the journalists who published the Pentagon Papers. Can you name these other movies in which Columbia steals the scene?

1) This Woody Allen movie won the 1987 Academy Award for best original screenplay. Ready for Our Close-up
2) In this 1996 rom-com, Barbra Streisand plays Rose Morgan, a lovelorn Columbia English professor. Ready for Our Close-up
3) This 2007 comedy stars Scarlett Johansson as a recent college graduate who gets a job with a wealthy Manhattan family. Ready for Our Close-up
4) In this 1984 blockbuster, parapsychology is an area of study. Ready for Our Close-up
5) This 2002 action flick opens with a class field trip to a genetics lab, which leads to a tangled web of intrigue. Ready for Our Close-up
6) Will Smith is a professional “date doctor” in this 2005 comedy. Naturally, there’s a catch. Ready for Our Close-up
7) A Columbia PhD student races to class in this 1976 thriller starring Dustin Hoffman and Sir Laurence Olivier. Ready for Our Close-up
8) William Hurt made his debut in this 1980 film, playing a professor who experiments with hallucinogenic drugs. Ready for Our Close-up
9) Julianne Moore plays a Columbia linguist who receives a devastating diagnosis in this 2014 drama. Ready for Our Close-up


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