Film buzz

Kathryn Bigelow ’81SOA has won several festival awards for her latest film, The Hurt Locker, a war thriller about an elite Army bomb squad unit in Iraq. Bigelow is considered a favorite to be nominated for an Oscar for best director… Eric Drath ’94GS directed and produced Assault in the Ring, a documentary about a 1983 boxing match in which a trainer removed the padding from his fighter’s gloves, which led to that boxer’s conviction and imprisonment. The documentary has been shown on HBO and will be available on DVD in the United States in October. Liz Chae, a student in the School of the Arts, won the Gold Medal in the Short Documentary category at the 2009 Student Academy Awards for her film The Last Mermaids, about an indigenous community off the coast of South Korea in which women support their families by diving for seafood.


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