Alumni Podcasts Worth a Listen

Photograph by Jon Premosch / Buzzfeed

Another Round
Cohosted by Heben Nigatu ’14CC

Heben Nigatu and her cohost Tracy Clayton like to describe Another Round as “happy hour with friends you haven’t met yet.” Jokes and booze flow freely, but Nigatu and Clayton also tackle serious topics (race and gender are big themes) and welcome A-list guests like Ta-Nehisi Coates and Hillary Clinton.

Lisa Chow ’12JRN, ’13BUS

Produced and hosted by Lisa Chow ’12JRN, ’13BUS

Economics reporter Lisa Chow follows the messy early phases of new companies, including her own: the first season detailed how her boss and cohost, public-radio veteran Alex Blumberg, launched the podcasting company Gimlet Media.

Dana Chivvis ’09JRNSerial
Produced by Dana Chivvis ’09JRN

In 2014, the true-crime podcast Serial became a cultural
phenomenon, with over eighty million downloads worldwide. The first season investigated the 1999 murder of a high-school student, and the second season reexamined the story of a US soldier who went AWOL and was captured by the Taliban. Dana Chivvis makes regular appearances, often acting as host Sarah Koenig’s investigative copilot.

Stephen Dubner ’90SOA

Freakonomics Radio and Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
Produced and hosted by Stephen Dubner ’90SOA

Inspired by their best-selling book Freakonomics, journalist Stephen Dubner and economist Steven Levitt use Freakonomics Radio to explore familiar ideas — from dating and parenting to sports and politics — in unexpected ways. Dubner has also recently launched Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, a quiz-show podcast for the New York Times.

Austin Mitchell ’08SEAS

Profiles:NYC and Crimetown
Produced by Austin Mitchell ’08SEAS

Like an audio version of Humans of New York, Profiles:NYC tells one-minute stories of everyday New Yorkers Austin Mitchell meets on the street. Mitchell is also a producer of Crimetown, a new series from Gimlet Media about organized crime and corruption in Providence.

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