Full Mental Jacket

Full Mental Jacket

Joshua J. Friedman reviews "Cover" and "What We See When We Read" by Peter Mendelsund.
All Our Names

Dangerous Nouns

Jennie Yabroff reviews “All Our Names” by Dinaw Mengestu.
The Wrong Carlos

Death Row Records

Lauren Savage reviews “The Wrong Carlos” by James S. Liebman and the Columbia DeLuna Project.
Shakespeare in America

BOOKTALK: Bard in the USA

David Ebershoff interviews James Shapiro, editor of “Shakespeare in America.”
No Book but the World

Into the Woods

Kelly McMasters reviews “No Book but the World” by Leah Hager Cohen.
The Late Starters Orchestra

Second Movement

Rebecca Shapiro reviews "The Late Starters Orchestra" by Ari L. Goldman.

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