18 Columbia Alumni News Anchors to Keep You in the Know

Columbia alumni news anchors Jennifer Ashton, Vladimir Duthiers, Catherine Herridge, Max Kellerman, Larry Madowo, Cynthia McFadden, Ryan Smith, Mariana van Zeller, Dan Abrams, Adriana Diaz, Poppy Harlow, Athena Jones, Howard Kurtz, Suzanne Malveaux, Morgan Radford, George Stephanopoulos
Abrams, Ashton, Stephanopoulos: ABC; Diaz, Duthiers, Herridge: CBS; Harlow, Jones, Madowo, Malveaux: CNN; Kellerman, Smith: ESPN; Kurtz: Fox; McFadden, Radford: NBC; van Zeller: National Geographic
Dan Abrams

As the chief legal-affairs correspondent for ABC News, Dan Abrams ’92LAW is a key voice in the network’s news coverage. He also hosts The Dan Abrams Show on SiriusXM radio and has coauthored several best-selling books.

Jennifer Ashton

Ob-gyn and nutritionist Jennifer Ashton ’91CC, ’00VPS — also known as “Dr. Jen” — is one of TV’s top medical correspondents. Catch her discussing everything from diet to pandemic precautions on ABC News, Good Morning America, and her streaming program On Call with Dr. Jen.

Adriana Diaz

Based in Chicago, national correspondent Adriana Diaz ’09SIPA anchors the Saturday edition of the CBS Weekend NewsShe has recently investigated such social issues as gun violence, the Central American migrant crisis, and the impact of COVID-19 on minority groups.

Vladimir Duthiers

Correspondent Vladimir Duthiers ’11JRN covers a wide range of domestic and foreign affairs for CBS News. The 2010 and 2021 Haiti earthquakes and the deforestation of the Amazon jungle are just a few of the topics on his reporting résumé.   

Rehema Ellis 

As NBC News’ chief education correspondent, Emmy Award-winning journalist Rehema Ellis '77JRN reports for a variety of programs and platforms, including Nightly News with Lester Holt, Today, and MSNBC.

Poppy Harlow

A former political-science major at Columbia, Poppy Harlow ’05CC is a journalist for CNN’s Newsroom. She is currently on leave to study law at Yale.

Catherine Herridge

Reporting from Washington, Catherine Herridge ’90JRN is a senior investigative correspondent for CBS News, where she covers national security and intelligence. Before coming to CBS in 2019, Herridge was a journalist for Fox News for over two decades.

Athena Jones

After spending several years covering the Trump White House for CNN, Athena Jones ’99JRN now reports from the network’s New York offices as a national correspondent.

Max Kellerman

Max Kellerman ’98CC started his career as a boxing commentator after graduating from Columbia with a history degree. In September 2021, he began hosting This Just In, a sports talk show on ESPN.

Howard Kurtz

Journalist Howard Kurtz ’75JRN worked as a national correspondent for the Washington Post for twenty-nine years in addition to working in television. In 2013, he began hosting the Fox News program Media Buzz, which analyzes the coverage of recent news stories.

Jonathan Lemire

A former reporter for the Columbia Spectator, Jonathan Lemire ’01CC hosts the MSNBC morning show Way Too Early. He also serves as Politico's White House bureau chief.


Larry Madowo

Nairobi-based journalist Larry Madowo ’20JRN reports on African news as an international correspondent for CNN. Before joining the network in 2021, Madowo worked for the BBC, where he covered North America.

Suzanne Malveaux

Since 2002, CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux ’91JRN has reported on numerous pivotal events, including Hurricane Katrina, the 2008 presidential election, the Arab Spring, and the war in Afghanistan.

Cynthia McFadden

Cynthia McFadden ’84LAW brings her legal expertise to NBC as the news division’s senior legal and investigative correspondent. Before that, McFadden was a longtime anchor for ABC’s Nightline, where she interviewed such prominent figures as Hillary Clinton and Paul McCartney.

Morgan Radford

As a correspondent for NBC News, Today, and MSNBC, Morgan Radford ’12JRN has reported from the frontlines of major national events. Since August 2021, she has also served as a co-anchor on the streaming channel NBC News Now.

Ryan Smith

Sports anchor and attorney Ryan Smith ’97LAW is a familiar face on ESPN, where he regularly cohosts the network’s Outside the Lines, E60, and SportsCenter. Smith also contributes as a legal analyst across programs for both ESPN and ABC News.

George Stephanopoulos

The former communications director for President Bill Clinton, George Stephanopoulos ’82CC transitioned from public relations to broadcast journalism in the mid-1990s. He currently anchors ABC’s This Week and co-anchors Good Morning America.

Mariana van Zeller

Portuguese journalist Mariana van Zeller ’02JRN is the host of Trafficked, a National Geographic channel investigative series that exposes notorious black-market networks. Past episodes have looked at drugs, guns, counterfeit money, and even tigers.


This article appears in the Winter 2021-22 print edition of Columbia Magazine with the title "Spreading the News." 

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