16 Holiday Gift Ideas from Columbia Entrepreneurs

Nov. 16, 2023
Gift Guide - BirdCollective ornament
For the curious birder

Products from Bird Collective (proceeds donated to conservation groups), cofounded by Angela Co ’05GSAPP. American goldfinch ornament kit: $12

Gift Guide - LACE earrings
For the jewelry lover

3D-printed jewelry from LACE, founded by Jenny Wu ’97CC. Centri earrings: $330


Gift Guide - NY-Distilling product
For the spirited sipper

Craft spirits from the New York Distilling Company, cofounded by Tom Potter ’83BUS. Classics flask set with gin, rye, and rock and rye: $65


Gift Guide - Leatherology product
For the stylish executive

Fine leather accessories from Leatherology, cofounded by Rae Liu ’02CC. Monogrammed laptop messenger bag: $295


Gift Guide - The Outset Gift Box
For the skincare obsessed

Gentle, cruelty-free skincare products from the Outset, cofounded by Kate Foster ’11BUS and Scarlett Johansson. “Spa in a box” with cleanser, exfoliator, mask, serum, oil, moisturizer, eye cream, and headband: $250


Gift Guide - Squaregles toy
For the budding master builder

Magnetic building blocks for kids from Squaregles, cofounded by Noah Ornstein ’04BUS, ’04LAW. Innovator set with fifty-three pieces: $64.99


Gift Guide - ISCO Spirits
For the adventurous cocktail mixer

Sustainably made liquor from the Industrious Spirit Company, cofounded by Manya Rubinstein 07BUS and Doug Randall 08BUS. Ostreida vodka distilled with New England oysters: $39.99


Gift Guide - Branch chair
For the remote worker

Work-from-home office furniture from Branch, cofounded by Verity Sylvester ’19BUS. Adjustable ergonomic chair: $349


Gift Guide - BOKA dental kit
For the dental diva

Fluoride-free dental products from Boka, founded by James Hagen ’11BUS. Boka kit with sonic-powered brush, replacement head, nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste, and floss: $84


Gift Guide - Flexit Gift Card
For the person who wants to get fit

Virtual personal-training sessions from FlexIt, founded by Austin Cohen ’11CC, ’16BUS. Gift card with four thirty-minute sessions: $149


Gift Guide - Earth Theraputics
For the spa aficionado

Soothing skincare and aromatherapy products from Earth Therapeutics, founded by John Kang ’88CC, ’91LAW with marketing directed by Julia Kang-Reeves ’94GSAS. “Elixir of Dreams” sleep pillow mist: $11.99


Gift Guide - Ply Knits cardigan
For those who long for sweater weather

Luxury eco-friendly knitwear from Ply-Knits, founded by Carolyn Yim ’11CC. Italian cotton and cashmere cardigan: $198


Gift Guide - SheSpoke Lipstick
For the person who needs more color in their life

Custom lipstick and lip gloss from Shespoke, cofounded by Kelsey Groome ’19BUS. $35


Gift Guide - Atelier-Maia bowl
For the tasteful homemaker

Handcrafted stone table wear from Atelier Maia, founded by Monica Mauti ’99GSAPP. Large mesa bowl: $58


Gift Guide - Enlightenment-Wines
For the eclectic wine drinker

Artisanal mead from Enlightenment Wines, cofounded by Raphael Lyon ’13SOA and Tony Rock ’89BUS. “Night Eyes” sparkling dry mead made from honey, apple, cherry, sumac, and rose hips: $30


Gift Guide - JenGreenDesigns skirt
For those who bike to work

Women’s commuting apparel from Jen Green Designs, founded by Jen Green ’90SIPA. Convertible bike-to-office skirt with zipper: $128


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Are you a Columbia graduate who has founded an interesting company? Tell us about it!

Are you a Columbia graduate who has founded an interesting company? Tell us about it!