3 Podcasts for History Lovers

Seth Stevenson and podcast "The Secret History of the Future"
Seth Stevenson

The Secret History of the Future

From Seth Stevenson ’11JRN (Knight-Bagehot Fellow), cohost and cowriter

A joint production of Slate and the Economist, where hosts Seth Stevenson and Tom Standage work respectively, the podcast explores how the past is prologue when it comes to modern technology. Episodes seek answers to such intriguing questions as “What can Victorian-era polar exploration teach us about space travel?” and “Could we go back to wind-powered ships?”

Tom Meyers and the Bowery Boys podcast
Tom Meyers (Benjamin Stone Photography).

The Bowery Boys

From Tom Meyers ’97CC, cohost

This biweekly podcast from history buffs Tom Meyers and Greg Young delves into the little-known lore of New York City. Recent episodes explore the Tombs, Manhattan’s legendary prison; explain how the bagel became New York’s iconic food; and introduce us to Steve Brodie, a nineteenth-century daredevil who claimed to have jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge and lived to tell the tale. 

Eric Marcus and "Making Gay History" podcast
Eric Marcus (Jordan Matter).

Making Gay History 

From Eric Marcus ’84JRN, ’03GSAPP, founder and host

Author Eric Marcus (known for cowriting Olympic diving champion Greg Louganis’s best-selling memoir) has spent the last several decades conducting interviews for a comprehensive oral history of the LGBTQ civil-rights movement. In his podcast, he shares some of this extensive audio archive, which, as he puts it, “brings our history to life through the voices of the people who lived it.”