Daphna Shohamy Named Director and CEO of Zuckerman Institute

Daphna Shohamy
John Abbott / Zuckerman Institute

Daphna Shohamy, a prominent Columbia neuroscientist and a longtime faculty member, has been appointed director and CEO of the University’s Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute. She now leads the institute alongside founding codirector Richard Axel ’67CC, a Nobel Prize–winning neuroscientist.

The Zuckerman Institute, based at the Jerome L. Greene Science Center in Manhattanville, is an interdisciplinary research hub where neuroscientists, engineers, statisticians, and other scholars come together to unlock the deepest mysteries of the brain.

Shohamy, who has taught at Columbia since 2007 and also codirects the University’s Kavli Institute for Brain Science, is an expert on learning, memory, and decision-making. She previously served as associate director of the Zuckerman Institute and founded its Alan Kanzer Writer-in-Residence Program.

“Discovering how the brain works is among the most fascinating and consequential mandates of our time,” says Shohamy, a professor of psychology and the Kavli Professor of Brain Science. “We are excited to engage the institute to connect research in the lab with the pressing problems we face as a society.”