Columbia Joins White House Collaborative to Advance Equity for Women and Girls of Color

In November, Columbia became a charter member of the Collaborative to Advance Equity through Research, a White House–sponsored affiliation of twenty-four colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations that are committed to studying how various types of educational, health, and social services may help women and girls from marginalized communities succeed in school and their careers.

Leading Columbia’s participation are Alondra Nelson, a professor of sociology and gender studies and the dean of social science, and Farah Jasmine Griffin, the William B. Ransford Professor of English and Comparative Literature and African-American Studies.

“Faculty and students across Columbia are already engaged in a range of efforts to advance equity for women and girls of color,” says Griffin. “As part of an iconic and diverse community in New York City, we are in an ideal position to bring not only our scholarship but also our firsthand experience to collaborating with the Obama administration and our academic colleagues around the nation.”

This spring, the University will host the Black Girl Movement Conference to discuss social-justice issues relevant to Black girls. In the summer, Columbia will host the Feminist Seminar for Girls, which Nelson launched in 2014 with the New York City YWCA.