Spotting Strokes

Olajide Williams
Olajide Williams '04PH. Photo courtesy of Hip Hop Public Health

Here’s a video game that parents will want their kids to play: Stroke Hero, which teaches children to recognize when an adult is having a stroke and to summon help.

Stroke Hero was developed by Olajide Williams ’04PH, a neurologist at Columbia University Medical Center and the founding president of Hip Hop Public Health, a nonprofit that uses music, videos, and games to promote healthful living.

Williams collaborated with rapper Artie Green to create Stroke Hero, in which players learn to spot signs of trouble, such as slurred speech or temporary blindness — and then race to find help.

“Empowering every potential witness with the knowledge and skills to make that lifesaving decision if they witness a stroke is critical,” says Williams, who points out that his game is especially appropriate for children being raised by grandparents.

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