What’s It Worth?

An embroidered pillow that features a sampler of Columbia sites. $175

Photo of pillow


A 1967 issue of "Heights," a campus newspaper that the seller describes as being "suffused with a radical energy and a palpable distrust of the school’s administration." $550

Photo of "Heights" newspaper


A cheerleading megaphone of the Old Blue, an amateur rugby club founded by Columbia alumni in the 1960s. $125

Photo of megaphone


A medal for participation in Columbia’s Division of War Research during World War II. $349.99

Photo of medal


A beer stein with Columbia’s seal on the lid. $400

Photo of mug


A tobacco silk from 1910 honoring the track team. $32

Photo of tobacco silk


A felt pennant from the 1920s. $79.99

Photo of Columbia pennant


Specimens of yellow pond lily and convallaria root preserved by the Columbia College of Pharmacy in 1907. $55

Photo of vintage jars