11 Columbia Podcasts to Keep You in the Know

Oct. 16, 2020
Columbia University Roaree statue wearing blue headphones
Photo by Greg Wyatt.
Columbia Bizcast

In this podcast from Columbia Business School, host Fahad Ahmed ’17BUS discusses the latest industry happenings with faculty experts and alumni entrepreneurs and leaders. Recent episodes have tackled workplace diversity efforts and the impact of COVID-19 on retail and other industries.

Columbia Energy Exchange

From the School of International and Public Affairs, this podcast takes a deep dive into modern energy consumption and its geopolitical and environmental effects. Hosts Jason Bordoff and Bill Loveless of Columbia’s Center on Global Energy Policy conduct weekly interviews with government, business, and academic leaders on timely topics such as shifting energy markets and the path to decarbonization.

The CUSP Show

Sports-management professors Joe Favorito and Tom Richardson from the School of Professional Studies interview experts from across the athletics industry on everything from social-media marketing to sports during the pandemic to athlete social activism.

Intersectionality Matters!

Columbia Law School professor Kimberlé Crenshaw is best known for coining the term “intersectionality” to describe the ways in which race, class, gender, and other identity categories overlap to benefit or disadvantage a person in society. Crenshaw’s podcast examines hefty topics such as police violence and the racial politics of the pandemic response.

The Kicker

This Columbia Journalism Review podcast hosted by Amanda Darrach ’18JRN dissects current events and issues covered by the magazine and features interviews with journalists and public figures from across the media.

Lab in the Time of Coronavirus

In this podcast from the Zuckerman Institute, staffers Kathleen Durkin and Devin Powell talk to Columbia neuroscientists about how they have pivoted from their regular research to assist with COVID-19 efforts, all while adapting to lab life in a socially distanced era.

On Assignment

Produced by Columbia Journalism School’s Alfred I. duPont–Columbia University Awards, this podcast looks at the reporting process behind major investigative breakthroughs through interviews with journalists and TV-news producers. Recent episodes have examined the family-separation crisis at the US border, sexual abuse at the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, and other scandals.

Pod of the Planet

This podcast from Columbia’s Earth Institute looks at important sustainability and climate issues through interviews with University experts. Hosted by staffer Kyu Lee, recent episodes have discussed melting ice sheets and climate activism.

The Roarcast

Most sporting events are closed to the public right now, but you can still keep up with the world of Columbia athletics. The Roarcast features regular interviews with student athletes and alumni as well as coaches and administrators.

This Week in Virology

Since 2008, when West Nile was the virus du jour, Columbia microbiology professors Vincent Racaniello and Dickson Despommier ’64PH (the latter now emeritus) have offered in-depth explorations of topics as diverse as herpes, the anti-vax movement, Ebola, and Zika. Over the past year, the hosts have put out two or three episodes a week as they have turned their attention to COVID-19 and the efforts to combat the pandemic.


Columbia Journalism School dean emeritus Nicholas Lemann hosts this podcast from Columbia Global Reports, an imprint dedicated to publishing nonfiction books on underreported topics. Recently, Lemann has interviewed Columbia Global Reports authors on topics such as the impact of fracking and the decline of local journalism in the United States.

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