Voices from Campus

Alma Mater
Len Small

“The scientific evidence of the ill effects of separation is overwhelming … It is immoral to separate children from their parents in order to send a message.”

Irwin Garfinkel, dean of the School of Social Work, on the government’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy


“People may just say that they will no longer take race or ethnicity into account, and as factors in admissions. And if they do that then there will be a change in the composition of student bodies and that would be terrible.”

— Lee C. Bollinger on the Trump administrations’s call to end university affirmative action


“We are truth tellers, we are truth seekers, and the best of us have no ideological predilections. The conceit of journalism is that if you merely tell the truth about the world in a democratic society, good things will come out as a byproduct.

Neil Barsky ’84JRN, a journalist and filmmaker and the founder of the Marshall Project, at the 2018 J-School Alumni Awards


“The very survival of the planet depends on coming to grips with how we share what we have here. Anyone not committed to that in their souls, I think, is committed to the wrong thing — and perhaps is really committed to evil.”

Frederick A. Davie, executive vice president of Union Theological Seminary, at a UTS panel discussion